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Blue Coyote Farms

Produce & Folk Art

All Natural Farming & a little Modern Folk Art

in the heart of the Alabama Little River Valley...


At the Gate...

We are busy tending to the Gardens this spring to bring you AMAZING selections and varieties...STAY TUNED and visit us on Facebook.


Dried Beans available through the SHOP...


Stock up on Freshed Preserves at the Front Gate ONLY (or CONTACT me) $5.00/each :


  • Ale Infused Pickled Mustard Seeds (4 oz) - the Caviar of the South. Yellow Mustard Seeds, Ale, White Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt, Honey, tumeric, white peppercorns and Red Pepper Flakes.  Aged to perfection and the perfect accompaniement with a charcuterie board or you favorite burger or steak.


  • Jalepeno Jelly (8 oz)- Jalepenos, Assorted Hot Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Turbinado Sugar and Pectin.  All natural coloring. Served warm over Baked Croissant Crusted Brie...will be the hit of any party!



Blue Coyote Farms DOES NOT USE chemicals of any sort in the garden (this goes for all  Co-op partners as well).  No GMO Seeds.

Our theory is NATURAL…to plant enough…and use Mother Nature to outwit the bugs, birds, moles and raccoons. 

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There are 2 ways to Purchase:

1. Pay online at the: SHOP (pickup at Farmstand)

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and pay by cash or check at Farmstand pickup.